Electronic and Technical Appliances Institute

The Electronic and Technical Appliances Institute, located in Phyongchon District, Pyongyang, is a scientific research and production base which has made tangible contributions to the development of the country’s electronic industry.

Founded in July 2008, it consists of research and development sections of electric and electronic devices and elements and pilot plants.

It has a production base of high-quality LED lamps which enjoy popularity among users.

It has recently developed the manufacturing method of low-loss ferrite magnetic core for output-drive transformer, which also attracts the interests of experts for its high utility. This method makes it possible to design and manufacture the magnetic cores for output transformers and non-standard magnetic cores used in a wide selection of electronic devices according to their purposes.

In addition, it produces various types of electric facilities including transformers which function as a voltage and current stabilizer and a mode filter. These are low in cost of production and have no bearing on power system and peripheral electronic devices. Notably, the portable DC welder with low power consumption takes qualitative effects and makes no noises from electromagnetic waves.