Efforts Are Directed to Training Practical Talents

Nampho University of Fisheries is training practical talents in a far-sighted way.

Based on a detailed plan for improving the creativity and practical ability of students and the standard target of each subject, the university ensures that its lecturers make teaching preparations as required by modern pedagogy.

Several cross-disciplinary science subjects, including “Industrialization of fish breeding” and “Industrialization of aquatic farming”, have been supplemented. Electronic teaching programs that reflect practice subjects and other effective education-supporting programs have been developed and introduced.

As a result, many students have been highly appreciated in the national university student program competition, designing competition and online mathematics competition.

The university has also introduced the teaching and studying methods of promptly including sophisticated sci-tech achievements and the problems arising in the reality in the teaching contents.

Through their experiments and practical trainings at the fishery research institute under the university and cutting-edge goods production bases its students have produced several sci-tech findings.

In the course of making researches and having production internships at Pyongyang Catfish Factory and other places, they have found a sci-tech solution to the issue of using protein of tiny shrimps as a substitute feed for fish, instead of expensive tubificid.

Besides, the university has produced valuable findings conducive to solving the problem of condiments for the improvement of the people’s living.