Efficiency of Anti-Epidemic Work Increased in DPRK

Efforts have been redoubled to effectively check and contain the outbreak and spread of infectious diseases by steadily increasing the efficiency of the anti-epidemic work, true to the idea of the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on constantly giving top-priority of the state affairs to the emergency anti-epidemic work and making it perfect this year, too.

All sectors and units are taking foresighted measures to increase the efficiency of anti-epidemic work while firmly maintaining the anti-epidemic atmosphere throughout society in order to cope with the daily-worsening world health crisis.

They are directing primary efforts to consolidating the anti-epidemic barrier and intensifying the medical examination and disinfection to prevent the outbreak and spread of viral respiratory diseases including influenza.

The State Emergency Epidemic Prevention Headquarters has made sure that anti-epidemic measures taken to suit seasonal conditions are carried into effect while putting the anti-epidemic work on a higher scientific level by specifying the regulations for anti-epidemic situation in every region and unit.

Emergency anti-epidemic units and preventive and curative organs at all levels concentrate their efforts on making sure that all processes and occasions of anti-epidemic work are based on high scientific accuracy and safety to cope with the seasonal conditions in which respiratory diseases can easily break out.

They also make it a daily routine to measure temperatures and sterilize hands of the people in crowed places and ensure the accuracy of medical examination by introducing rational methods suited to the constitutional characteristics of people and conditions.

Originally published in Rodong Sinmun – www.rodong.rep.kp/en/