DPR-Korea Successfully Launches Satellite Into Space

North Korean Successful Rocket Launch
North Korean Successful Rocket Launch
North Korean Successful Rocket Launch

12 December – DPR-Korea has launched earth observation satellite Kwangmyongsong-3 (2) by carrier rocket Unha-3. The reported time of launch was 1349 NZDT; 0949 Pyongyang/Japan local time.

It is currently unclear whether the launch was a success or not. The North Korean government has not issued any statement at this time.

Sin Son-ho, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, stated in October that DPRK’s space development programme was for “peaceful purposes” and “is an exercise of sovereign right in line with the universally accepted international law in which the general will of all member states of the UN is reflected.”

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Further, “[DPRK] will continue to exercise the independent right to use space which stands above the UNSC resolution, being universally recognized by international law. Under the state program for space development, we will expand the institutions for space development and go through with launches of working satellites of all kinds essential for the economic development of the country including geostationary satellites.”

North Korean official state media said:

“The launching of the satellite ‘Gwangmyongsong-3′ using the “Unha-3″ rocket was a success, and the satellite has entered into the planned orbit.”

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