Doctor of Fish Feed Additives

A few years ago, an evaluation of fish feed additives developed by scores of units was conducted in the Samchon Catfish Farm.

The standard of the evaluation was how much the survival and fattening rates of different kinds of catfishes have increased.

Based on the data synthesized for several months, the additive presented by Jang Hye Yong, researcher of Hamhung University of Chemical Industry, and that by one unit have been selected.

The farm examined the two additives in detail about the survival and weight increment rates of different kinds of catfishes.

The result showed that the additive developed by the unit could increase only the weight increment rate of small catfishes, whereas the additive of Jang increased the fattening rate of all kinds of catfishes up to 121% in a month and 135% in two months. Its survival rate was also high.

This additive was later highly appreciated at over ten festivals and exhibitions held in the capital city and province, including the national sci-tech festival.

She started the research 20-odd years ago.

At that time, an official of the Sunchon Catfish Farm came to see her.

The official told her that the feed additive used in the farm could not increase the output of catfish due to its low quality. And he asked her whether she could make the feed additive for fish as she was a specialist who had an experience of making feed additive for domestic animals.

But she could not readily reply him. The field was an unfamiliar, untrodden path to her.

She could not know how long the research would take and was not sure of its success. And there was no one who would blame her for not doing this.

But as a scientist, she could not turn away from the problem arising in reality.

Since then, she has set the fishpond in the university for an experimental ground and buckled down to the research project.

She worked day and night in the laboratory to conduct literature search for already-developed additives, make an analysis of collected samples and find rational mixing ratio.

After well over a hundred experiments, she developed an additive with aromatic taste.

But its introduction was not plain sailing.

While observing the process of feeding movement and growth conditions of fishes and the effect of the additive on the ecosystem for several months in the fish farm, far from her house, she proved the effectiveness of the additive made from locally-abundant materials.

In July last year, a large-capacity feed additive production process was newly built at the Hamhung Catfish Farm to produce the additive she had developed.

From August, the produced catfish feed additive was supplied to all catfish farms and other fish farms throughout the country.

Afterwards, she also developed an assorted fish additive which can be used in the farming of different fishes.

Jang Hye Yong, Merited Scientist, PhD, associate professor and national meritorious person of socialist patriotism, is working as a section chief of the biochemical engineering research laboratory at Hamhung University of Chemical Industry.