Dignity and Pride of the Korean Working Class

We are working people of Songun Korea who are advancing under the leadership of respected Kim Jong Un, holding President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, the great men of Mt. Paektu, in high esteem! The hearty cry of the Korean workers is proudly echoing in the sky of May. Respected Kim Jong Un visited workers at their workplaces on May 1, Juche 101 or 2012.

Looking up to him who was congratulating the working class on the May Day, they saw the great Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who trusted and loved the workers most all their lives. Since he set out on the road of revolution, President Kim Il Sung regarded the broad sections of the working people as masters of their own destiny under the banner of the Juche idea and opened up a new era of history, the era of Juche, realizing the independence of popular masses by mobilizing their inexhaustible strength. Regarding it as his lifelong cherished view and motto to believe in the people as in heaven, he found himself among the working people and guided the workers, peasants and intellectuals.

His revolutionary exploits were carried forward and developed under the wise leadership of the great Kim Jong Il. Torch of the Songjin Steel Complex!–whenever they ruminate the meaning of the words, the Korean people remember Kim Jong Il who was kindling the torch. Kim Jong Il visited the Songjin Steel Complex when the whole country was making an arduous march. That day he met workers, saying he had come to have a talk with them. He earnestly called upon the workers of the complex to lead a new revolutionary upsurge with a torch at the speed of the winged horse Chollima once more in response to the party´s call. The workers of the Complex valiantly rose up in support of his call. They created a miracle of producing in a few months steel equivalent to the production of the previous year. Their fighting manner and enthusiasm finally developed into the torch of the Songjin Steel Complex and a revolutionary zeal swept the whole country.

Deeply impressed by their struggle, the great Kim Jong Il said:

“There is nothing impossible when we rely on such people. We will, in the future, too, attach importance to the working class, give priority to them, devotedly work for them and overcome the difficulties relying on them and thus successfully accomplish the historic cause of building a prosperous nation.”

Today the Korean workers with respected Kim Jong Un at the head of the revolution, are convinced of a bright future of the country more than ever before and fully enjoying the honour and worth of life. Marshal Kim Jong Un who always regards the workers as the eldest sons of the country, visited a number of factories in Jagang Province in Juche 102 or 2013.

In those days he took the Moranbong Band to give a performance for the workers and made a historic speech. In the speech he said:

“It was with great pleasure that I have enjoyed the performance of the Moranbong Band together with the workers of Jagang Province. I have got great strength from their vigorous struggle. I have made a resolve to carry on the revolution better together with the reliable working class in the future.”

His trust and love are not limited to the workers of Jagang Province alone. The Korean working class is greatly encouraged by legends of love and trust shown by Marshal Kim Jong Un at the Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Textile Mill, the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory, the Ryongsong Machine Complex and other places.

The Korean working people are demonstrating their dignity and singing of their proud life under the loving care of Marshal Kim Jong Un. The loud footsteps of the Korean workers writing a new history of prosperity under his leadership will echo in the sky of May forever.