Dependable Educators

In the Janggyong Primary School in Sosong District, Pyongyang, the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, teachers teach children according to their psychological sentiments.

Principal Ho Jong Suk has this to say:

“We have induced all teachers to create new up-to-date teaching methods suited to the characteristics of primary school education under the universal 12-year compulsory education. Besides, we have built computer and foreign language study rooms and introduced multimedia programs in all subjects.”

Having a deep understanding of the importance of the role of the primary school education in school education, the teachers of the school have always directed great efforts to the improvement of their qualifications. They have constantly accumulated experiences in teaching in the course of frequent discussions on teaching plans and inspection of classwork on a sectional and school scale. They have also made many excellent teaching aids and visual aids suitable to the ages and characteristics of primary school children and made an active use of them in teaching. They have built a wonderful nature study room, teaching grove, foreign language and computer study rooms in which children have been taught on a higher level.

They have formed after-school circles according to the talents and hobbies of the children and trained talents through their operation. In those days the school achieved proud achievements. In August Juche 102 or 2013 national demonstration lectures were given by teachers of the school for educators from different parts of the country. In June and September that year the children of the school won national sports games of schoolchildren. Today, too, the teachers of the school teach the children well according to the mentalities of the children. They try to read the minds of the children when teaching a thing, thinking if they can correctly understand it. Like a gardener raising beautiful flowers, they are devoting all their wisdom and passion to bring up all children as excellent personnel of the country.