Dental hygiene supplies factory goes online

The Dental Hygiene Supplies Factory located in Songyo District, Pyongyang, has started operation.

Embossed on the factory’s wall which is decorated with white and green tiles is a logo depicting a white crane in a tooth as well as the letters denoting Paekhak (white crane).

The white crane is much loved by the Koreans as a bird symbolizing longevity and cleanness. It reflects the sincerity of the factory’s managing staff and employees to make a contribution to promoting the people’s health by ensuring healthy teeth, which locals regard as one of the five blessings.

With a total floor space of 12 720 square metres, the factory turns out tens of millions of tubes of toothpaste, mouthwash and a variety of dental hygiene supplies.

It has established the integrated manufacturing system which helps conduct production control and business activities in a scientific and three-dimensional manner.

The system ensures the promptness and scientific accuracy of information transfer by establishing a database with the information taken in the process of production and business activities.

The three-storey factory is equipped with modern production processes.

Toothpaste which is vacuum matched and matured in the raw material combination ground is automatically injected into the tubes, which are produced through injector, six-colour printer and other machines, and closed before being packed individually and in cartons to be put into a warehouse.

Mouthwash is made of medicine, clean water, aromatic essence and others. The mouthwash bottle production processes consist of injection, moulding and washing. Their automatic levels are very high. The vessels containing mouthwash are carried to the dryer and then labels attached to them automatically before being packed by thermal contraction or in cartons.

The factory also turns out different kinds of dental floss, tooth-picking brush, denture-cleaning brush, and tongue scraper and brush.

It has furnished itself with a clean water production room as it uses a great deal of water.

Equipped with modern facilities which refine water three times and kill microbial bacteria, it always supplies clean water to the raw material combination ground and mouthwash production process.

Hundreds of solar panels and dozens of solar water heaters are enough to satisfy the illumination and service needs. Indoor temperature is guaranteed by the geothermal heating and cooling system.

The factory is now working to put production on a normal track so as to provide more dental care supplies.