Delegates to Celebrations of Youth Day Arrive in Pyongyang

[imagebrowser id=13]More than 10 000 youth delegates to the celebrations of Youth Day arrived in Pyongyang on Aug. 23 and 24. They are service persons, workers, farmers and scientists from across the country. Before their departure they laid floral baskets and bouquets before statues of President Kim Il Sung and smiling portraits of peerlessly great persons and paid tribute to them.

At terminals of railway stations and parking lots in various places many people, including service personnel and students, heartily sent them off, putting garlands around their necks and presenting bouquets to them. At way-stops, cities and counties their trains and buses passed through, local people congratulated the delegates.

Upon their arrival in Pyongyang Pyongyang citizens warmly greeted them along the route. When they entered their lodgings April 25 Hotel, its officials and employees warmly greeted them, waving bouquets.