Dancing Parties of Youth and Students Held in DPRK

[nggallery id=46]Dancing parties of youth and students were held in all parts of the country Wednesday, the 67th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The plazas of the Party Founding Memorial Tower, the Arch of Triumph, the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium and all other venues were packed with youth and students who gathered with great pride and honor of having performed feats as members of the vanguard and shock brigade in accomplishing the Party’s cause of building a thriving nation with peerlessly great men held in high esteem at the top posts of the WPK.

They danced to the tune of songs like “Glory to Our Great Party”, “Let’s Sing of Our Pride in Being under the Guidance of the General” and “The Party Is Embrace of the General” in boundless reverence for Generalissimo Kim Il Sung and with strong yearnings for Generalissimo Kim Jong Il.

Joy and excitement could be seen on the faces of the participants cheerfully dancing to the tune of songs including “Do Prosper, Era of the Workers’ Party”, “It Is October” and “Twelve Months for Songun Victory.”

They showed the firm will of the Songun young vanguard to bring earlier the future of prosperity, true to the noble intention of the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, enthusiastically dancing to the tune of such songs as “Young People, Let’s Advance by Following the Party”, “At One Go” and “Young People, Be Loyal to Our Party.”

Similar dancing parties were held in seats of all provinces, cities and counties on the same day.

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