Construction Projects Proceed Apace

South Hamgyong Province is pushing ahead with dozens of construction and renovation projects for promoting local economic development and improving the people’s living standards.

This year, it has upgraded the provincial people’s hospital and Sinpho Fish Cannery, and built Hamhung Youth Power Station No. 1, the Hamhung Kimchi Factory, the chemistry laboratory of Hamhung University of Chemical Industry and the gymnasium of Hamhung University of Medical Sciences.

The Nutritive Liquid Fertilizer Factory of the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex, Hamhung Folk Park and several other projects have also been completed.

Besides, the construction of a medical oxygen factory, a tree nursery and the Pukchong Pig Farm is in the final stage. The capacity-expansion project of the provincial building-materials factory, the construction of Hamhung Youth Open-Air Theatre and others are now going full steam ahead.