Collective Technical Workshop Held in Pyongyang, DPRK

Collective Technical Workshop Held

A collective and technical workshop was held in Pyongyang, DPRK for officials in the field of construction in Pyongyang from Dec. 10th to 12th

It dealt with the theoretical and practical issues arising in deeply grasping the undying feats performed by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il in the field of construction and the validity and vitality of the Workers’ Party of Korea’s idea of Juche-based architectural beauty and ushering in the period of great prosperity in construction, true to the far-sighted plan of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

There also took place video lectures aimed to help the participants acquire wide-ranging insight and knowledge about architecture, including the prospect and goal of city construction of the country, stage-by-stage construction plans, world trend of architectural development, latest designing technology and advanced construction methods.

Then followed a lecture on the basic contents of Kim Jong Un’s work “Let Us Usher in the Period of Great Prosperity in Construction by Thoroughly Embodying Party’s Idea on Juche-based Architecture”.

Premier Pak Pong Ju referred to the basic requirements and ways for ushering in the new period of great prosperity in construction by applying the Juche-based idea on architectural beauty.

The basic requirements are to set objects directly linked with the people’s living as the main orientation, erect more buildings and build structures surpassing the world’s level.

He called for steadily creating a new speed of construction startling the world and thus fully demonstrating the spirit and might of Songun Korea advancing faster to attain higher goals.

Kim Sok Jun, director of the State Design Guidance Bureau, raised important issues arising in working out the master plan for land and city construction and ways for thoroughly carrying it out.

Ma Won Chun, vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, said that personnel in the field of design should create any design as a world-level one with a strong sense of responsibility that the self-respect of the nation and its spirit are reflected in architecture and thereby fully demonstrate the dignity and might of Kim Il Sung’s nation and Kim Jong Il’s Korea.

Kim In Sik, vice-premier and chairman of the Capital City Construction Commission, underscored the need to decisively raise the quality of construction.

Pae Tong Il, president of Pyongyang University of Architecture, said in order to make building materials locally available, it is necessary to round off the existing production processes of building material factories, increase their capacities and thus meet the demands for ordinary building materials and improve their quality.

Kwon Song Ho, minister of State Construction Control, said that officials should be well aware of the norms and regulations of construction law and make it part of their life and habit to work as required by them.