For a Clean Environment

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is conducting a brisk campaign of protecting environment involving the whole country and all the people.

All the lines and policies are formulated on the principles of giving top priority to people’s health and interests and regarding them as absolute and placing environmental protection above all else.

The state has established the laws on environmental protection, prevention of air pollution, environmental assessment and others designed to prohibit by law negative impacts on ecological environment.

It is the foremost subject to be discussed in examining a plan for a construction project or a production building whether it will impact on surrounding environment.

Newly built industrial projects are provided with unified sewage treatment facilities by the state to strictly prevent environmental pollution.

Many nature reserves like the Paektusan International Biosphere Reserve and Ogasan Nature Reserve have been established across the country, contributing greatly to protecting environment and increasing natural resources.

On such occasions of months of the general mobilization for land management in spring and autumn the whole country conducts vigorous campaigns to plant trees and improve rivers and streams and other undertakings.

All the factories, industrial enterprises, public buildings and residential districts are equipped with ventilation facilities for collecting gas or dust and supervision stations set up across the country to prevent the environmental pollution and protect natural environment.

The scientists at the Environmental Science & Technology Research Center are fully engaged in the research work to protect and improve the country’s environment and have so far made successes in solving a lot of problems arising in reality.

They have worked out the planning method of environment conservation of Pyongyang, thus making it possible to conduct the work in a long-term and scientific way. They have also studied the techniques of purifying gas and arresting dust for industrial furnaces and boilers, techniques of industrial waste sewage disposal and depuratives and of growing pollution-free vegetables, the ways to improve the management of biodiversity and nature reserves and recycle wastes, and an authentication system to improve the environmental management in factories and enterprises.

They will pay closer attention to protecting ecological environment that has a bearing on human existence and strive further to provide people with a cultured life in a cleaner and more hygienic environment.