Classrooms for Children in Hospital

A few days ago, Jong Ye Jin, 14, a girl who lives in Munhung-dong No. 2, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, was admitted to the Okryu Children’s Hospital for acute gastroenteritis.

In spite of severe pain, she was first struck with an idea that she would stay away from her class. It was because she was just on the eve of graduating from a junior middle school.

One day when she was getting better, a medical worker called on her and said: Well, Ye Jin, what about starting your study?

She was led to a classroom in the hospital, where she began to receive her missed lessons.

Rim Kyong Ok, head of education department, said: Our hospital has classrooms for kindergarteners and primary and middle school pupils. During their stay in the hospital, the children in the stage of convalescence have lessons for one or two hours a day under the guidance of teachers.