Chollima General Building-Materials Factory

The Chollima General Building-Materials Factory in the outskirts of Pyongyang is pushing ahead with the production of building materials and simultaneously building up its scientific and technological strength.

Recent efforts to make the factory’s production and management activities modern- and IT-based turned out to be effective in remarkably increasing the productivity and improving the quality of products.

The factory’s workshops have set up flow-lined processes for manufacturing a wide range of building materials and other products in various types, sizes and colours, including metal roofing materials, lightweight structural steel, plastic building materials, aluminum- framed windows, heat-shield composite boards, metal fixtures and light furniture. At the same time, it continues to put great efforts into recycling as demanded by the times.

Building materials of the factory satisfy the technological requirements and are flawless in terms of aesthetic value, so they get favourable comments from the construction sector in ensuring formative and artistic features.