Challenge Boldly.

“A scientist must take it for granted to challenge the unexplored field of science to blaze a new path.” This is what Dr. and associate professor Pak Jong Ok, lecturer of Physics Department of Basic Science Faculty of Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering, always says to her disciples.

Born into a teacher’s family, she was renowned as a bright girl from her girlhood. In particular, she was very interested in physics during her middle school days and inquired into the principles of minor natural phenomena around her to the end. Once, she visited the house of the physics teacher early in the early morning as she could not understand the solution to a problem of a reference book. With such perseverance and strong spirit of inquiry, she entered Kim Hyong Jik University of Education and specialized in physics as she wished.

She was awarded an academic degree by presenting an interpretation paper on the physical properties of solid crystals during their phase transformation.

After graduation she was assigned as a lecturer of Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering. She continued her scientific research after marriage.

She volunteered to solve the theoretical basis needed in developing a new material, the core and basic technology, which others hesitated to do.

The research to formulate a theory of the wave vector star channel group to be effectively used in interpreting the structure of crystalline solids was a frontier of cutting-edge science.

It was a challenging task which required strenuous efforts. She has made painstaking efforts for over ten years and finally succeeded in her research.

Her paper rendered great services to developing new materials badly needed in putting the national economy on a Juche-oriented, modern, scientific and IT footing and in preparing theoretical basis for the improvement of their quality. It was not only carried in the journals at home but in prestigious SCI-level international journals, causing a great sensation.

Preeminent professors in the world of physics of the US, the UK, Germany and other countries highly appreciated her paper.

Without self-complacency about her achievements, she is invariably following the road of research with a single mind to contribute to developing basic science and technology of the country.