Cemeteries of KPA Martyrs

Cemetery of KPA Martyrs in Kanggye City


Cemeteries of KPA martyrs are built or rebuilt all around the country.

In North Hamgyong Province the provincial party committee took upon itself the task and carried it out successfully. Much has been done to refurbish the cemeteries in the province. Many hundred tons of cement, building stones including red marble and granite were sent to round off the project earlier.

KPA martyrs cemeteries in many local counties were rebuilt as places of indoctrination of young generation in the idea of defending their country at the cost of their lives.

In Ryanggang Province, provincial party officials went out to the scene and took care that the cemeteries of martyrs of the KPA and Internal Forces should be refurbished perfectly.

They marked out the premises of the cemeteries definitely, built new tombstones and pedestals, and created a vast acre of greeneries so that they should turn into a good place for education of the rising generation in ardent love for the country.

In South Hamgyong Province KPA martyrs cemeteries were built or refurbished in many places. Gates to the cemeteries and pedestals supporting tombstones were built anew. On the front side of some pedestals are seen inscriptions, “Always remember KPA Martyrs” and KPA cap badges are cut in bold relief.

Cemeteries of KPA martyrs in North Hwanghae Province now present an entirely new look after recent refurbishment. Officials of local party organizations took upon themselves the task, forcefully pushing ahead with the project to a successful completion.

In Jagang Province this work was guided by the Provincial party organization. The major effort was paid to giving new and specific features to the cemeteries.

In many counties, cemeteries were installed in new places and refurbished. Now, the cemeteries serve to implant patriotism in the minds of the new generation and remind them of the heroic feats of the martyrs.

In South Phyongan Province, the work of refurbishing cemeteries of KPA martyrs is rounded off thanks to the lofty moral obligations of the local people to the heroic fighters who laid down their lives in the Fatherland Liberation War.

Some cemeteries in North Phyongan Province were moved to new places, and they were rebuilt on a renovated design to suit the present-day taste. Their gates, stone steps and pedestals were built in a more grand style and many hundred square meters of compound was built for education purpose.

In Kangwon Province, refurbishment of cemeteries was done in a short span of time thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of the local inhabitants guided by the local party organizations.