Cement Production Increases

The Sangwon Cement Complex is increasing its output to send larger amounts of cement to major construction sites including the site of building 10 000 flats in Pyongyang.

It pushed ahead with the work for technical upgrading of overall production lines and introduction of valuable innovation plans to increase its existing capacity markedly.

This year, it introduced a more rational method of controlling all the processes, ranging from feeding of raw materials to shipment, to ensure their stability at a high level.

A new method of controlling the feeding amount of raw materials was introduced into kilns to increase the output of clinker.

In the past it frequently replaced ball, which is used in cement production, for its short serviceable life.

In close cooperation with researchers of Kim Chaek University of Technology and other scientific institutes, it increased its serviceable life 10 times by introducing new technology and thus markedly reduce the amount of ball consumption per one ton of cement.

The Sangwon Limestone Mine is expanding its mining fields by introducing efficient blasting methods and ensuring a sufficient supply of raw materials for cement production by installing high-performance crushers.