Campaign to improve public health.

All Korean public health officials are determined to implement the Iminwichon (regard the people as heaven) ideology of the Korean Labor Party to develop socialist public health as the most advantageous and bring the people the best possible benefits in the medical assistance.

The treatment bodies in different parts of the country analyze the remedies and establish the goals to give a notable advance in the medical service, the development of medical science and technology, the consolidation of the technical-material base and other tasks taking advantage of all the internal potentialities. .

The redevelopment of treatment and prophylaxis bodies across the country is under way, modeled on the Okryu Pediatric Hospital and Ryugyong Dental Hospital in Pyongyang and the Samjiyon City People’s Hospital in Ryanggang Province.

The pharmaceutical and medical device factories are promoting remodeling, giving impetus to projects to normalize production with the power of science and technology and to source raw materials and materials with domestic resources.

Hygiene and prophylaxis entities are engaged in consolidating the prophylactic foundation in order to face any global health crisis with their own forces and technologies.

On the other hand, research among scientists and technicians of the branch is intensifying, who intend to achieve much more success in the period of the new Five-Year Plan.