I Call the WPK “Mother”

Ko Pong Chun, worker of the Pyongyang Post Office, says:

I am a driver of the Pyongyang Post Office. Now I have two grown-up sons. But I still think of mother whenever a song of mother is heard on television and radio. Following is a verse from the lyric poem ´Mother´ loved by all our people:

… … …
“She is my mother
Whether I am happy or in agony.
I throw myself into her arms,
Welcomed or criticized.
I tell her of all my desires,
Every mistake that might be forgotten.
Oh, I cannot live without her. ”
… … …

The poet described the Workers´ Party of Korea as mother in his poem. It is said to be an expression of the experience of the poet Kim Chol. But it is not only his experience but also my experience and sincere feelings.

The Workers´ Party of Korea!

Over the past 60 or more years since its foundation the party has regarded it as the supreme principle of its activities to serve the people. It has presented policies and lines for the people and constantly taken measures for the people to get substantial benefits from them. In this way the party has led the people to enjoy a worthwhile life.

Whenever I see my son Jong Ui, I am choked with gratitude to the party.

My son had become blind due to careless mistake in his childhood. From olden times it was said that eyes play the most important role in human body. Blind man is as good as dead, though he is alive. It was heartbreaking to think that my son would remain indoors without being reckoned among people.

I myself could not but give up his life. But the state benefits reached my family as well. The state that shows greater concern to those sick and wounded than anybody else enabled my son to receive medical treatment in a central hospital.

Staying in the hospital for years, my son received medical treatment and underwent several major operations free of charge. Under the continuous state benefits he regained the joy of life.

He is now working at the Central Committee of the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled. He is involved in the Sports Association for the Disabled and takes part in games as an athlete, enjoying a proud life of a full-fledged citizen of the society.

I have done nothing special for the country. But the state enabled me to take part in a national event held in presence of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. I only enjoyed the state benefits.

Unable to repress my surging emotion, I sent a letter of thanks to Marshal Kim Jong Un. He read my letter and sent his autograph.

It was the grateful party that shows love and trust to a worker like me, reading my mind, and pays greater concern to the sick and wounded people than anyone else with love and affection. My son and I are also leading a worthwhile life in its embrace.

So I call it mother. The people across the country as well as I follow the WPK to the end of their lives, calling it mother.

There may be zigzag on my route but I will always go along the straight course in supporting the Party.

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