Buds of Talents Develop

The Pongnam Kindergarten in Phyongchon District of Pyongyang has won the special and first prizes every year in the national kindergarteners’ art festival.

Its directress Ri Ran Suk said: Everyone has a natural talent or ability. But there are some cases that parents do not know what talents and ability their children have. So our teachers regard it as their duty to discover the bud of their talents in time and cultivate them.

Its teachers are always directing efforts to finding out children’s characters and habits in their mischievous behaviours and developing their abilities.

They carefully watch who has a good memory and a keen power of observation of nature, who is good at writing letters, who tries to represent well what they look, hear and feel, and who has excellent artistic sense when learning singing, before estimating them.

Based on it, they arrange frequent exchanges of experience and apply the teaching methods suited to each child’s character.

Thanks to their efforts, many numbers were appreciated in the national kindergarteners’ art festival, including piano solo “The Sound of a Horse’s Hooves on Mt Paektu” played by Kim Hong Ryon, and kayagum solo “I’m a Budding Flower” and “My Country Is the Best” played by Choe Chong Hui.

The children of the kindergarten are also cultivating their abilities, playing paduk and kayagum and practicing handwriting.