Blessed Triplets

On April 11 seven years ago, the 432nd triplets were born at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital.

The mother of the triplets was Hyon Yong Ae, wife of a secondary school teacher, living in Pothonggang District of Pyongyang.

Hyon, who was confirmed to be in multiple pregnancy during a routine medical checkup entitled to all pregnant women, was immediately sent to the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital. At that time her mother-in-law felt uneasy about Hyon of weak constitution.

Her anxiety, however, was utterly banished after five months, the moment she heard that her daughter-in-law had been safely delivered of the triplets, all boys.

Being transported with delight, the grandmother named the boys Ri Kyong Dok, Ri Kyong Bok and Ri Kyong Hung, wishing that they would be always happy and prosperous, enjoying state benefits.

She already knew that the newly born triplets and their parents were given silver daggers and gold rings by the state, but there were many other things she knew afterwards.

The triplets were allowed to leave the maternity hospital only when they weighed over four kilogrammes. After leaving the hospital, they were brought up at a baby home at state expense and they had their exclusive medical doctor.

It was two years ago the triplets returned home to enter Kyonghung Kindergarten in their residential district. Even as the parents were not yet acquainted with the hobbies or aptitudes of their sons, kindergarten teachers perceived their talents and made sincere efforts to cultivate them.

Kyong Dok, the eldest of the triplets, who showed a sign of aptitude for fine art, was taught to bring it into bloom and he took the first place in the national competition of kindergarten children with outstanding talents held in July 2019. And all the triplets were trained to play the janggo, traditional instrument of Korea.

They will become primary school pupils this year.