Authoritative Phibada Opera Troupe

The Phibada Opera Troupe is an authoritative opera creation group of Korea. It was founded as the North Korean Opera Troupe in Juche 35 or 1946.

The opera troupe created a Korean-style opera by operatizing the immortal masterpiece “The Sea of Blood” (“Phibada” in Korean) in the early 1970s. Since then it was named Phibada Opera Troupe.

Afterwards, the troupe created immortal masterpiece–revolutionary opera “The Flower Girl” and gave performances at home and abroad.

Many people who enjoyed the opera highly praised that not only the actings of the actors and actresses were very high, but also Pangchang or off-stage chorus was unique and the settings were wonderful. The troupe created many other impressive operas. The Phibada Opera Troupe created not only Korean operas, but also foreign operas. The typical foreign operas are Chinese operas “A Dream at the Red Mansion” and “Butterfly Love”. Those operas won great acclamation of the Korean people and many foreigners for the distinguished talents and high artistry of the performers. The troupe created not only operas but also tens of songs including “New Spring” and “The Night of the Capital” and dances such as “Winnow Dance”, “Three-Colour Dance” and “Sword Dance”. In the past, the opera troupe produced many competent vocal soloists, solo dancers and instrumental soloists.

Hero of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea Kim Su Jo who directed the grand mass gymnastic and artistic performance “Arirang” is one of them. Today, too, the Phibada Opera Troupe wins popularity by performing masterpieces of the times touching the heartstrings of the people.