Architectural Festival Held in Pyongyang


The 14th May 21 Architectural Festival was held in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, between May 12 and 15.

The great Kim Jong Il made public his famous work “On Architectural Art” on May 21, Juche 80 or 1991. Hence the name of the May 21 Architectural Festival. The annual festival held since Juche 90 or 2001 contributes to building all edifices as wonderful creations of the times and developing the architectural science and technology of the country.

Sim Yong Hak, Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee of the Architects Union of Korea, has this to say:

“More than 60 units took part in the recent architectural festival. Displayed there were diverse architectural designs and programs and multimedia programs of different sectors. And valuable scientific papers helpful to the architectural development of the country were presented for deliberations.”

The festival was divided into architectural design prize contest, presentation of scientific papers on construction and contest of programs and multimedia programs for modernization of architectural designs. Experts and visitors showed great interest in the architectural designs and programs and multimedia programs on display.

What attracted special attention was such architectural designs as the design for comprehensive multi-functional service building “Pae” or Ship and the design for football gymnasium “Kumppol” or Gold Ball and the intelligent house management system “Saesalim” or New Life. All the designs on display were based on national character and modernity, and aimed at construction of park-enclosed cities and garden houses. During the festival the participants exchanged achievements and experiences made in solving issues in the construction of wonderful edifices and further developing architecture and construction science and technology of the country. Not only experts but also students participated in the festival.

Pak Kum Song, student of the Industrial Art Faculty of Pyongyang University of Fine Arts, has this to say:

“I am going to make a new start toward the next festival on the basis of the experiences and achievements made in the recent festival. In the course I, as a student, will closely combine study and practice and thus prepare myself as useful architect of the country.”

The 14th May 21 Architectural Festival was a significant occasion that powerfully promoted the development of architectural science and technology of the country this year when a new heyday should be opened in construction.