April 2014 KFA Travel Delegation

The Anniversary of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung

KFA Delegation to North Korea Now Available in April 2014 – The Anniversary of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung

North Korea Travel

Travel Dates: April 12th-19th 2014 (8 days / 7 nights)

The Korean Friendship Association (KFA) organizes a trip to the DPRK (North Korea) from 12th April to 19th April 2014 on the special occasion of the biggest holiday of the year: The Anniversary of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung. Eternal President and Father of Korea.

The KFA gives the chance to know about the country, its people, society and culture in a respectful environment and small group. With the possibility of discussion about projects, cultural exchange and business opportunities (garment, tourism, IT, research, etc.)

All passports are invited to apply except for: U.S.A., Republic of Korea (South Korea) and Japan due to special protocol in bilateral relations. Participants in the delegation will be accepted according to their order of arrival (pre-subscription) and after clearing all details and conditions.

This isn’t a regular tourist trip, but a cultural one where visitors are expected to interact and behave accordingly. A visitor joining the KFA Delegation is not treated as a tourist but as a friend of the DPRK, having access to places, information, insights and state events not allowed for regular visitors.

Delegates in KFA Delegation are welcome by the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and receive an official DPRK visa in their passports. The program was made to suit all ages and doesn’t require special abilities or effort.


The KFA doesn’t take responsibility for any personal, material damage or other problem related to this trip, but just offers this service as a consultant organization between the DPRK authorities and the ‘participant’. If the ‘participant’ wants any coverage or insurance, he’ll be fully responsible for its contract and implementation. Filmmakers, journalists or any other media-related person aren’t allowed to participate.

APRIL 11th 2014 (FRIDAY)

At 08.00am, Meeting at designated hotel in Beijing for administrative procedures (preparation of North Korean Visas, Air Koryo flights and organization).

Free day in Beijing

At 20.00pm, Visas and flight tickets will be delivered to each one, and we will then give you advice and the guidelines for the trip.

APRIL 12th 2014 (SATURDAY)

We meet in Beijing International Airport, Terminal 2 The delegation departs from Beijing to Pyongyang by Air Koryo, DPRK national airlines.

The delegation will stay 8 days/7 nights in the DPRK.

Visit the main monuments and museums of the capital (Bronze statues of the Great Leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, Juche Tower, Metro System, Great People’s Study House, Korean war museum, Mansude, Arch of Triumph, Mangyongde Children’s palace… etc.) , including recent openings like the renewed Kumsusan Sun’s Palace (Mausoleum)and the new museum of the Korean War

South to traditional city of Kaesong and Panmunjon (38th parallel), Observation post of the Korean People’s Army, De-militarized Zone and Joint Security Area. Lunch in ancient Korean courtyard/restaurant.

The delegation will participate in special events for the Anniversary and include visits to government buildings, kindergarten, school, hospital, bowling, local restaurant, cooperative farm, Korean home, factories and other centers. In the free time, day or night, we will walk around the streets and parks to learn about the regular life of Korean people.

In some occasions we will have official meetings or visits that will require formal dressing.


Regular price:  1950 EURO

(Same price per person, either individual or double room based)

KFA cardholders (membership card older more than 1 year): 1720 EURO

For information about KFA member card here:


Price Includes:


– All transports inside DPRK

– 7 nights in 3 Star Hotels right next to Kim Il Sung Square.

– Breakfast, lunch, dinner (a-la-carte) and water during meals.

– Entrance to all museums, monuments and anniversary displays.

– Guides in English/Spanish/German/French/Russian depending on the final group composition.

– Participation in all activities.

Basically everything while in the DPRK apart of your personal souvenirs or extra drinks.

Inside the DPRK we’ll have doctors and hospitals at your disposal 24 hours if you’ve any problem.

Other additional expenses you’ll need to cover:

490 EURO

for the flight Beijing-Pyongyang-Beijing, the DPRK VISA and Airport Taxes.

The total amount of the trip will be paid in Beijing on 11 APRIL.

(Only accepted cash and EURO currency).

To be arranged and paid by the participant himself:

1- Flight from your country to Beijing

2- Chinese Visa (You must request a double entry Visa).

3- Your accommodation in China and transportation to the Beijing airport


1. PRE-INSCRIPTION PROCESS. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following data:

Name: Surname: E-mail: Phone number: Birth date: Passport number: Passport nationality:

The pre-inscription doesn’t require any fee and can be cancelled any moment informing the other side of the reasons.

2. Wait for confirmation. A reference number will be assigned.

3. BEFORE 1st MARCH 2014 Access our webpage:


Add to basket and proceed to checkout (main credit cards accepted).

Optionally: Send the 550 euro booking fee by paypal to: [email protected]

At this point your air ticket and hotel room will be reserved and the DPRK visa processed. If you decide to cancel the trip, the 550 euro won’t be returned since they’ll be used to cover all the cancellations and administrative expenses. If for any reason your DPRK visa is denied or a major problem force us to cancel the trip, the 550 euro will be returned by using PAYPAL system http://www.paypal.com

4. We’ll send an acknowledgment of the receipt of your money. Then, book by yourself the flight tickets from your country to Beijing. Also approach your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate and request a DOUBLE-ENTRY Visa for the dates that you’ll be travelling.

5. You’ll receive details and timing of our hotel and meeting place in Beijing, where we’ll all gather. An introduction to basic Korean culture and hints/tips will be explained before departure.

Notes :

Any participant that won’t follow the regulations of the DPRK will be treated accordingly to its national law. Any participant that won’t follow the KFA advices and indications will be expelled from the delegation without possibility of refund. Credit Cards (Visa, AMEX, Master Card) are widely accepted in China for shopping, but cannot be used in the DPRK. Chinese ATM only dispenses YUAN RENMIMBI Currency. It’s not possible to withdraw EURO. You should bring along two color passport-sized pictures for the DPRK Visa.

Articles not allowed in the DPRK:

Video-Camera, Plants, animals, drugs, explosives, weapons, any kind of pornography, mass printed propaganda,

Articles allowed in the DPRK:

Mobile Phone, Photo-camera (analog or digital), laptop (without long range radio communication devices) , PDA, CD Player, MP3, books or magazine for personal use.

Other articles may be inspected by the immigration authorities.



People that didn’t pre-inscribe aren’t eligible to participate.

1st MARCH 2014 also ends the FULL inscription process. People that haven’t provided all the data/requirements or the 550 euro inscription fee won’t be able to participate.

Enquiries to the e-mail : [email protected] Telephone 1+34 697973473

Is the KFA Delegation the DPRK trip for me?

YES, if you want to learn in depth about the reality in the country, come close to its people, make friends and have your questions answered.

YES, if you are a politician, academician or student that with respect and an open mind want to see, learn and judge by yourself.

YES, if you are someone with any project (cultural, scientific, sports, business…) in mind involving the DPRK.

NO, if you have any disrespect towards the DPRK, its government and people.

NO, if you only want to take pictures and be confined to a strict itinerary.