Apple and Pear Prize Show Held.

An apple and pear taste prize show took place at the Unjong Teahouse located in Changjon Street in Central District, Pyongyang, on October 20.

Presented to the show were a variety of fine species of apples and pears produced at the Teadonggang and Kosan combined fruit farms and other fruit farms in Kwail and Pukchong counties.

The jury consisted of ten persons (seven men and three women), including officials from the national quality management sector and the Cooks Association of Korea, officials in the fruit farming sector and salespersons of the Taedonggang District Greengrocery Wholesale Store. They tasted apples and pears according to production units and species and objectively judged such indexes as sweetness, acidity, juiciness, hardness, aroma, etc.

They said the tastes of fruits improved remarkably despite the unfavourable weather conditions this year.

Kim Si Sop, a section chief of the Central Committee of the Union of the Agricultural Workers of Korea, who sponsored the public evaluation, said the result of judgment would inspire the agricultural workers in the fruit farming sector with enthusiasm for increased production.

The apple taste show has been held ten times up to now in the country, and the pear taste show, two times.