An example of visual healthcare.

Our ideal is to contribute to the promotion of the sight of the people ”said Kim Sang Ju, director of the Company.

Originating from a small eyewear store in June 1986 (75 Juche era), it has now grown into a comprehensive and professional service center. In this center, equipped with modern measuring and processing equipment, the service is provided to all citizens who need it.

Once there, the client, after undergoing optometry, chooses the glasses he wants according to his graduation, being able to choose from a wide variety. From then on, the lenses are made, adjusted and corrected in a short time by highly qualified employees.

Sunglasses, cufflinks, magnifying glasses, microscopes and accessories are also sold.

To date, about 300 thousand clients have received its service and it is always very busy. Members of the embassies of various countries accredited in Pyongyang and compatriots abroad often visit this center.