An Arch-Bridge Relic in Judun-ri

The arch-bridge in Judun-ri, a historical relic in the period of Koryo dynasty, is located in Judun-ri, Kosong County, Kangwon Province.

It lies across a valley from south to north a little away up from Palyonso (Pariso), a scenic spot of the Outer Kumgang. The site of the Palyon Temple is about 200 m away up from its right valley.

At present, there remains an arch-shaped pier built on the trimmed rocks on both sides.

The 3.1m-wide pier was piled up by dovetailing trapezoidal stones 26 times.

Some of stones on the north side were gone away, but it maintains its original state. Each stone is 55cm thick and its top surface is about 48-50cm wide.

The exposed lower surface of stone was trimmed even whereas the buried upper surface was roughly faced.

A quarry can be found in the north along the valley.

The preservation state of the arch-bridge relic is not so good, but it showcases the developed architecture in those days.