Adorable Triplets Growing in Socialism’s Care

Some time ago a German businessman sent an e-mail message to the “Voice of Korea”, asking:

“What is policy like regarding children in Korea?”

Some time ago, I met triplets Pang Paek Ho, Pang Tu Ho and Pang San Ho. What I learned about their life will be an answer to the question. The triplets are 3 years old and have parents. But they are growing at the Pyongyang City Nursery since their birth thanks to the state benefits. The state takes care of them with responsibility. I arrived at the nursery past 10 a.m., when the children were singing and dancing lovely. It was time for outside play. The timetable of the triplets was: Breakfast from 7, snack from 9, outside play from 10, lunch from 11, nap from 12:30, wake-up and washing from 15, snack meal from 15:30, indoor play from 16:30, snack from 17, TV watching from 18, supper and room play from 19 and sleeping from 21. It was lunch time. The menu was different from that of breakfast considering the nutriments. Meat soup and fried eggs seemed favourites of the children. Paek Ho, Tu Ho and San Ho ate, using spoons correctly with their plump hands.

The triplets spoke about their meals cheerily:

“I ate a lot at breakfast, too.”

“Soup is very nice.”

“I will eat a lot and grow up fast.”

After lunch, when asked if they could sing, Paek Ho answered yes first. They raised their voices. At nap time, the children slept in peace under the care of the nurses.

Kim Jong Hui, Head of the Nursery, says:

“Recently the January 8 Fishery Station of the Korean People´s Army has been established to supply fish exclusively to the nurseries, orphanages, orphans´ primary and secondary schools and rest homes across the country. The state supplies everything to ensure various nourishments including calcium in each meal. Our triplets are growing amid such special concern.”

The triplets´ parents Choe Jong Sun and Pang Song Jin came to see them because father Pang Song Jin was leaving on business.

Looking at the cute children smiling in sleep, they said:

“Children often cry, fret and feel sad when they are separated from mother. But I worried in vain. Four nurses and one doctor are always with my children Paek Ho, Tu Ho and San Ho to take care of them with all sincerity. I am very grateful for it.”

The father smiled and said:

“I cannot find words to express thanks to the state for raising my triplets.”

The triplets woke up and washed their hands. The doctor examined them one by one. They were normal.

After delicious snack meal, Paek Ho, Tu Ho and San Ho played cheerfully with other children in the playroom. Triplets smiling all day long represented the state policy for children. They will grow up at the orphanage from 5 years old to the school age. I wanted to meet the triplets again in the new nursery and orphanage to be built at a scenic spot.

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