A Young Man Exalts the Honour of the Country

Mun So Min, a postgraduate of Kim Chaek University of Technology, is stealing the public limelight for his great ability in programming engineering.

He, possessed of extraordinary memory and spirit of inquiry, won a special prize at the national mathematics contest when he was a fourth-year student of Hamhung Middle School No. 1 and, later, was promoted to Pyongyang Middle School No. 1.

After receiving a high-level genius education, he won the first prize at the 52nd International Math Olympiad held in the Netherlands.

During his days at Kim Chaek University of Technology, he developed himself to be a distinguished student programmer. His programs are effective and high level in optimization, which have been invested with his innovative way of thinking and novel conception.

During his university days he won a gold medal at the Asian regional preliminary of the 41st International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), and a silver medal and the Asia East Champions at the 43rd ICPC World Finals held in Portugal.

He took the first place several times in the Codechef, one of internet programming contests which drew many professional program experts and students from tens of countries and regions.

The sponsors of the 43rd ICPC expressed their admiration, saying that students from Kim Chaek University of Technology displayed amazing ability against their expectations and that it was a miracle.

The State conferred on him Kim Il Sung Youth Honour Prize and other official commendations in recognition of his achievements that exalted the honour of the country in international contests.