A Lot of Electricity Saved

Saving is active at many units in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The Central Bank is using diverse energy resources including the sunlight and the geotherm to save electricity of the country as much as possible.

The officials and employees of the bank have set up hundreds of solar panels. And they are making efforts to produce more electricity by increasing their generating efficiency in order to give help to the country.

Official Ri Ung Nam says:

“Saving had to be supported by technical innovations.

We have established the systemic parallel inversion system and the national integrated power management system to control even a watt of electricity without any waste in order to send the surplus electricity to the national network. We have also made by ourselves and introduced devices including overcurrent protection which can save electricity, thus saving a lot of electricity.”

Worker Choe Kang Song says:

“For example, the cooling-and-heating system by energy-saving geothermal heat pump we are using is effective in the environmental protection, needs small building site and can be used for different purposes. It is very effective for cooling and heating of the buildings and for domestic water.

The system saves 20 percent of heat energy more than the heating system by electric boiler, 40 percent of electricity more than the air heat pump and 70 percent more than the electrothermal heating system.”

The Central Bank ensures temperature of its offices in all seasons and hot water for the cultural and welfare facilities with the electricity it produced by itself. After all, it is saving a lot of electricity and heat energy.