A DPRK Funfair Story


The funfairs built in different parts of Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, are giving greater happiness, optimism and pleasure to the people and children. The funfairs enjoyed by the people are also associated with the efforts and devotion of the great Kim Jong Il.

In October Juche 66 or 1977 he visited the completed Taesongsan Funfair. The funfair built magnificently against the green woods of Mt. Taesong was as beautiful as a picture. Looking round at the funfair for a while, he said with satisfaction it had been built wonderfully and the working people and children would like it. Then he personally took some amusement facilities and saw others running one by one to learn about their operation and security.

Not only that. When he took a fast turning facility he kindly taught that the speed and duration should be changed for old people and children. Soon darkness set in. Officials, feeling it was too late, told him to see only some of them. But he said how we could allow our children to take the facilities without trying them and proposed looking round all of them though late.

When he was about to go aboard the mad mouse officials tried to dissuade him. The mad mouse was fast and had many sharp curves. So it was dizzy to take it even in the daytime. But great Kim Jong Il boarded the mad mouse, saying it doesn´t matter and he will try as the people would also use it.

Getting down the mad mouse, he said to the officials that old people coming with their grandchildren, feeling uneasy about it running up and down in the sky, would say; “Do not take it. It´s dangerous.” But learning that we took it already, they would let the children take it.

Indeed, it is a meaningful story telling about the infinitely ennobling outlook on the people of Kim Jong Il who continued the march of great devotion, burning himself with love for the people at every step and at every moment of his field guidance.