29th National Festival of Science and Technology Opens

The 29th National Festival of Science and Technology opened at the Three-Revolution Exhibition House on April 23.

The festival on the theme of the development of the ultra-modern technology and combination of science and technology with production brought together ministries, national institutions and over 180 organizations and scientists, technicians and workers who proved successful at the festivals of science and technology of universities and provinces (municipalities).

The scientific and technological achievements and experience will be presented at the festival by organizations and individuals, divided into 20 panels including agricultural panels Nos. 1 and 2 and panels of construction and building-materials, light industry, IT, nano-technology, metal industry and chemical industry.

There will be lectures on the ultra-modern technology and service for exchanges of intellectual and ultra-modern goods.

Present at the opening ceremony were Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea Choe Thae Bok, officials concerned, scientists, technicians, three-revolution team members and working peoples.

One thought on “29th National Festival of Science and Technology Opens

  1. Aldo Jefferson says:

    I wish I could of attended the 29th National Festival of Science and Technology.Maybe one day the great Kim Jong Un will let me ,even hopefully let me live there one day in DPR of Korea and allow me to work for the goverment in its computer technology feild I know I have the skill’s, knowledge,experiance and schooling to benit the great DPR of korea.

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