13th National Meeting of Educators Held

The 13th National Meeting of Educators was held in Pyongyang on Sept. 5.

The meeting marked a historic landmark in eternally glorifying President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il’s Juche-based idea on education and their leadership exploits and bringing about a drastic turn in education as it was held in such a stirring period when the universal 12-year compulsory education began to be in force and a great heyday is being ushered in for the building of a highly civilized socialist nation.

Present there were Choe Thae Bok, Choe Ryong Hae, Vice-Premiers Kim Yong Jin and Ri Mu Yong, exemplary teachers who contributed to the development of education in the past period, teachers who volunteered to work at schools on islands and in forefront areas and remote mountain villages, couples of teachers, families of educators and other officials of merit in the field of education and officials in Pyongyang and local areas and the relevant fields.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un’s work “Let Us Make a Revolution in Education in the New Century to Glorify Our Country as the One of Education and a Power of Talents” was conveyed by Choe Thae Bok, member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, at the meeting.

Kim Jong Un said in his work that the President set forth the original idea and theory on socialist education and successfully embodied them and thus set an example of the Juche-oriented and popular socialist education for the first time in history.

He recalled in his work that Kim Jong Il consistently adhered to the President’s idea and line of attaching importance to education, channeled big efforts into the educational work even in the most difficult period of the Korean revolution, thus energetically leading the work to exalt the dignity of the country at the highest level by dint of cutting-edge science and technology.

Noting the officials and teachers in the field education, who are responsible for the educational work, have not properly performed their responsibility and role, Kim Jong Un referred to the serious consequences entailed by the wrong viewpoint and work style of officials and educators who failed to make devoted efforts for the development of the educational work as befitting its masters while underrating the importance of education.

The WPK has decided to make a fresh revolution in education to remain true to the President and Kim Jong Il’s idea of attaching importance to education and their leadership exploits, consolidate the eternal foundation of the Juche revolution and make a leap forward in the drive for building a rich and powerful nation, Kim Jong Un noted, adding:

“Let Us Make a Revolution in Education in the New Century to Glorify Our Country as the One of Education and a Power of Talents!” — This is the militant slogan put up by the WPK at present.

The goal to be attained by the revolution in education in the new century is to turn the country into a power of socialist education in the 21st century by bringing up all school youth and children as reliable pillars for the building of a thriving nation and educating all the people to be well versed in science and technology.

An important task facing the revolution in education in the new century is to round off the educational system and improve the guidance and management of the educational work in order to successfully train talents of new type required by the era.

The educational work should be guided and managed in such a manner as to fully ensure the state’s unified guidance over the educational work and train more able talents required by the era and the situation by increasing the independence and responsibility of educational institutions and local areas.

The education in the age of knowledge-based economy should not be the one for letting students learn existing knowledge but it should be developed in the direction of putting its contents on a practical, comprehensive and modern basis so that students may grasp faster new and useful knowledge and more successfully apply them in practice.

All the fields should regard the educational work as part of their work, always pay deep attention to it and help solve the issues arising in the field of education in a responsible manner.

He underlined the need for the teachers to make sincere efforts and devote all their energies and wisdom to helping the students become world-famous inventors and scientists for our country, our motherland, and study hard with an ambition and hope to become pillars of the country and thus acquire a wealth of knowledge.

He called on all officials and educators to devote all their wisdom and energies to implementing the party’s policy on making a revolution in education, well aware of their important mission in carrying out the revolution in education in the new century.

Kim Yong Jin made a report.

He called upon all educators and officials to bring about a revolutionary turn in the educational work and take the lead in the drive to thus usher in a great heyday of the Juche-based education.

Speeches were made at the meeting.