Work on Solidity and Invincibility of Socialism

The great Kim Jong Il made public the famous work “Our socialism centred on the masses shall not perish” on May 5, Juche 80 or 1991. Hong Un Ju, researcher of the Institute of Revolutionary History of Kim Il Sung of the Academy of Social Sciences, has this to say:

“In the work, great Kim Jong Il has scientifically and theoretically elucidated the invincibility of Korean-style socialism centred on the popular masses chosen by the Korean people themselves and built with their strength in line with the reality of their country.Korean-style socialism enjoys full support and trust of the people as the people are the genuine masters of the state and society and everything of the state and society serves them.”

In his work, Kim Jong Il said the secret of the solidity and invincibility of Korean-style socialism lies in the fact that it is socialism centred on the popular masses under which the people are genuine masters of the society and everything of the society serves them.

As Korean socialism serves the people, the Korean people regard it as the cradle of their lives and happiness and entrust their destiny entirely to it. The Korean people who enjoy endless happiness and true life in the socialist society under the wise leadership of the party and the leader, are devoting their all in order to firmly defend the socialist system and accomplish the cause of socialism.

In the work, Kim Jong Il said that the Korean-style socialism could enjoy absolute support and trust of the people and be ceaselessly strengthened and developed because the party frustrated the counterrevolutionary moves of a handful of hostile forces in time by applying the class line and mass line in a proper way. He noted that it is also attributable to the fact that the motive force of the revolution has been strengthened by firmly rallying the masses of broad sections behind the party and the government of the Republic, and socialism put on the most solid and extensive socio-class basis.

Over the 20-plus years since the publication of the work, socialism has fully demonstrated its invincibility. Guided by the great Juche idea, Korean-style socialism has kept advancing vigorously without any vacillation despite the vicious moves of the imperialists and other reactionaries.

During the most arduous march and forced march, the Korean people did not surrender to the rigorous trials, but broke them through with greater fortitude and solved all issues with their strength, without depending on others. The army and people built large and minor power stations in all parts of the country, operated suspended factories and normalized production with concerted efforts.

Today, the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea is boosting its might as a man-made earth satellite manufacturer and launcher.
History and reality prove that socialism centred on the popular masses is the road of eternal victory. The famous work of the great Kim Jong Il “Our socialism centred on the masses shall not perish” is a revolutionary banner which actively encourages not only the Korean people but also the peoples of many other countries in their struggle for socialism at present.

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